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Professional Feeder Clamp & Telecom Cable Installation Solution

Based on 11 professional engineers and 11 years manufacturing experience, Maxdao can supply you reliable feeder cable clamps & design best-fit solution for your RF coaxial cable and telecom installation project.

Our clamps’ product line covers all of coaxial cable size include; Hybrid Fiber and Power combined cable  , Fiber or 1/4″ S (4-7mm) cable, 1/4″ (7-9mm) cable, 3/8″ (9-11mm) cable1/2″ S (12-14mm) cable, 1/2″ (15-17mm) cable, 5/8″ (21-23mm) cable, 7/8″ (27-29mm) cable, 1-1/4″ (38-40mm) cable, 1-5/8″ (49-51mm) cable, 2-1/4″ (59-61mm) cable

And all brands cable include: CommScope (Andrew), Amphenol, HUBER+SUHNER, Rosenberger, Acome, Leoni, RFS, Draka, Hansen, Eupen, Belden, LG, Trilogy …

Furthermore, all of the clamps are designed and tested conform to the international standard.

Item Standard Tested by Report number
Metal material 0Cr18Ni9 maxdao 2015052101
Mechanical strength DKBA0.400.010 maxdao 2015052102
Flame retardancy UL94-V0 maxdao 2015052203
UV Resistance, Light ageing GR487 SGS SUIN1505000627MR
Anti-Microbial activity IEC 68-2-10:2005 SGS ASH15-017592-02
Low Temperature IEC 68-2-1 TTS WDZ1310310833-1
High Temperature IEC 68-2-2 TTS WDZ1310310833-1
Damp heat cycling test IEC 68-2-30 SGS SHIN1506023894PS
Salt mist test, Constant and Cyclic operation IEC 68-2-52 SGS SHIN1505023196PS
RoHS 2011/65/EU SGS SHAMLP1424937001

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